My No-Fail Fall-Back: Chicken and Potatoes

Friday, July 2, 2010
Heya ladies!
I'm loving this blog!  you ladies rock!
I was trying to think of a recipe to post on here and I thought, "hey, I'll just post what I make when I can't decide what to make!"  So here 'tis!

Chicken and Potatoes
2 cans of some kind of cream soup (I usually like to do 1 crm of chicken and 1 crm of mushroom)
1 can water (soup can)
4 sliced russet potatoes (optional)
6 chicken breasts, frozen (if not frozen cut cooking time to 45 min +15 min b.crumb time=1 hr)
6 slices cheese (I usually like to use swiss [even for those who dont like swiss, this is delicious], but I've done cheddar)
1 cup seasoned bread crumbs sold in a paper canister at the store
1/4 c butter, melted

-line bottom of 9x13 with potatoes
-place chicken in dish
-put a slice of cheese on each chicken breast
-mix 1 can water and soups in seperate bowl and then pour over chicken dish
-cover with tinfoil
-place in 375 oven for 1 hour 45 minutes
-meanwhile, mix bread crumbs and butter until b is evenly dispersed.
-at end of time remove tinfoil and sprinkle bread crumb mixture over chicken
-put back in oven, uncovered for 15 minutes until the crumbs are golden

Enjoy!  Serves 6. (but easily halfable) Use sauce on veggies and anything else on your plate!  You can also omit the potatoes from the recipe and serve this with rice, quinoa, baked or mashed potatoes. oober delish.

Family Update:
k, first I have to say that, Clarissa, I'm going to be saying DONG for a while now- I laughed so hard when I read that. 
Since so many awesome benefits are being offered with the change in housing management, I will be starting school in the fall to pursue my texile design and business degree so we can stay and enjoy the perks.  Since Matthew starts kindergarten in August, I'll be an empty nester.. at least for half a day, and it's the perfect situation to get a bit of education in :)  Really, Aaron just hasn't gotten in to professional school yet and until we know what's happening with that we dont want to jump the gun and move.  So many people have moved out and back in and we just want to avoid the stress and finiancial burden that accompanies such an anti-exodus. Dont worry, we wont be here a decade, I promise. Megan is at broadway kids camp right now and tonight will be her performance at chandler center for the arts. She has speaking lines and a solo. I'm excited! She's such a ham.

Yesterday Brittney Walker accompanied me to my "managers" recording room (that sounds so pretencious. manager) and I laid down a couple vocal tracks. It was super neat and I can't wait until he sends me some mp3s!  I've been messing around with my recording software and you can hear some of the files on my myband tab on facebook, but I dont have good recording equipment- it was amazing to hear what a difference the equipment made. sooo fun!

I've been instructing a bootcamp happening every weekday morning at 5:30am at the basketball/volleyball courts in the center of campus by the dorms. it's off of Avery and Williams Campus Loop South/Unity. Come and shed some inches for summer!  Oh yeah, and it's FREE, peeps.  Can't beat free!

Last but not least, CRAFT night is happening every week and for those of you who are still here, we want you here! -And if you've moved but are close enough to come still, get your booty in gear and craft with us!  We had 8 ladies there last night and it was fun. you can see the headband and zipper flower I made last night on my facebook pictures album called design portfolio.  Come every Thursday at 8pm at the Rowan Community House, yo.  Get your craft on!  Shumway, out.


Brenden+Nikki at: July 7, 2010 at 9:08 PM said...

waaaah I miss you guys! :(

But did you know that Jenny Black's dad is our bishop? And the Pout's are in our ward too? She was the Secretary in Relief Society here again, but then got called to be 2nd counselor and then I got called to be RS Secretary and so she has been training me. I'm not as good as her though....probably never will be. She's like a superstar.

Anyway, sorry for the random tangent. What I mainly wanted to say is I miss seeing all you guys!

Brenden+Nikki at: July 7, 2010 at 9:09 PM said...

OH! And congrats on getting school in! I think that's awesome!

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