Fried Green (-ish yellow & red) Tomatoes

Thursday, July 7, 2011
All these tomatoes are from my garden. yum- right? The heat was killing my plant so I had no choice but to pick all the tomatoes if I wanted to enjoy them. Since not all of them were ripe I decided to try fried green tomatoes!
I've never made them, let alone even had them so it was a new experience! I looked online and decided on this recipe

The reason you need to use green tomatoes is because they are much more firm and the juices won't escape as much when cutting them, that way you wont have oil spraying out of the pan while they are frying. So I just picked my most firm tomatoes and went with those. 

The yellow one was my favorite! The green ones had a little 'zip' to them and the red ones were really sweet. But the yellow ones had both flavors!

I LOVED them! Logan thought it was strange and only had one. (Which is totally weird because he will eat anything! I have never seen him not want to eat something, so it was pretty funny to watch him eat it.)


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